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The story of an android who has gone rogue is as old as movies. From The Terminator, to "Itchy & Scratchy Land", the plot of the Simpsons episode "Itchy & Scratchy Land," the tale of a rogue android has been a popular one. The HBO remake of Michael Crichton’s 1973 film Westworld has raised more ethical questions than any other genre. Ulysse Nardin Replica was one of the stars of the series when I met him. The first 10 episodes had just aired and news of a second season already had been announced.

Set in a fictional wild west-themed amusement park populated by robot hosts, Westworld is a place where, foraprice, guests can indulge in the most socially unacceptablebehaviour-ranging from routine vandalism to rape and murder-without fear of retaliation or consequence. As we follow the characters through the first episode we learn that during a system update, glitches in the hosts' software have led them to ask the "question you're not meant to ask". This leads the viewer to wonder about the moralityof those who inflict damage on robots capable of questioning their own reality.

Oklahoma-born Marsden is the new guy in town, gunslinger Teddy Flood. He's as excited about the role today as he was the first time he read the scripts. Jonah Nolan was the co-creator of the show and I asked him if I should watch it. Marsden recalls that he said yes, but warned me to keep in mind that the series would be very replica The movie has become a cult favorite, but at the time was similar to Jurassic Park - a thriller set in a theme park where things go wrong and put the lives of the humans in danger. The TV show is very different from the scope of philosophies we try to address. We explore themes like what it means tobe human, when consciousness begins, when it ends, and what responsibilities we have when we take on the role ofGod.

He continues: "Jeff Goldblum's Dr Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park that scientists were preoccupied by whether they could or not, and didn't think about whether they should. That's what we're addressing with Westworld." It makes us think about actions and their consequences. I love being part of something with this depth that allows us to explore themes and philosophies. There will always be something relevant - the question of what defines life: is it a heartbeat or a brainwave? Is it understanding? "You get to see the characters being born, killed, and reborn. I thought this was a brilliant idea that could be taken in many different directions."

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Marsden has received a lot of praise for his role as Flood, but he's been an actor professionally since he was 19. He describes his path into showbiz as one of the easiest. He laughs, "There was nothing else I thought I had the talent for or at least the discipline and energy to pursue." I discovered theater in eighth grade.Richard Mille Replica Watches The feeling of singing, acting and being on stage before an audience was appealing to me from the beginning. Ienjoyed gettinglostindifferentcharacters."