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Marsden acknowledges that it is unrealistic to think he can make his passion into a career. But with youth and naivete on his side, he took the plunge, dropped out of college after only three semesters, and moved to LA at 19 to seek fame and fortune. He says, "I knew some good people who offered to help me" referring to Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron Bure.

He says that his parents were extremely supportive and encouraged him to make this choice. They knew I was going to work in entertainment. In school, I was always performing SNL sketches and impersonations. They knew I would not be an accountant. They wanted me to be happy with what I was doing because they loved me. My father is a professor in microbiology - a field that is veryopposite to the arts. But, when I told my dad I wantedto move to LA, he knew I had done some research and that I knew of someone who would be able to help me get a foot into the door. He agreed to help me for a year, but only if I returned home and finished school.

"My friends introduced to me some managers, and one of them hired me. He sent me to four auditions per day. I knew I was lucky, but I also prepared for the auditions and went into them with gusto. You are young and cocky, and you think that you will be the next James Dean. It was this confidence that got me

It is only as you get older that you begin to realize how important it is to be judicious in your choices. You then try to find better and more interesting material. This can sometimes be difficult and you need to search for it. My philosophy was to try something new and interesting. Now, 23 years later, I'm known as the guy who will do anything.

Marsden's life and work are made more interesting by his wide range of roles. Marsden is not like other actors who are comfortable with playing the same roles throughout their career because it's what the audience wants. He prefers to surprise people. He says that he enjoys the opportunity to play different characters and shapeshift. It's hard for me to play a close-to-me character.

Marsden shrugs when asked who the character could be. He points out Kevin Doyle from 27 Dresses,Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches a normal guy who's a bit cynical of love. He is quick to say, "Not that I am." "I'm a romantic." ButKevinis just... ordinary. Westworld, X-Men and Enchanted are all character roles that I enjoy playing. They are more interesting and I think I am similar to them. I look for characters who are unique and odd, with interesting flaws or humor. I'm not a swashbuckler. I've never been a guy who kicks arse. I am merely the person who believes she is this guy but is clearly not. "That's good fertile ground for humor."