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The 114200 series received the COSC rating in 2007 and the text PRECISION was replaced by SUPERLATIVE CHIRONOMER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED (SCOC). There was also the reference 114210, which had a bezel with an engine-turned design and the 114234, with a fluted white gold bezel. Rare examples of the watch were fitted with diamonds at the outer edge the hour markers. The King went bling. All good things come to an ending, and in 2014 the model was removed from the catalog for the first ever time in its history. It wasn't the end of it, however. In 2016, it returned bigger and better than ever before.

Who could possibly compete with a Daytona in steel? The ceramic bezel was something that everyone had been looking forward to! This is what the Mido Replica, newly redesigned in 2016, had to do. It was a difficult task to get close to the Daytona window at Baselworld in spring 2016. The new Mido Replica was what caught my attention. It made an impression with a little bit of general attention. The 34mm case was gone, as was the classic Oyster style. In its place was a 40mm case that was similar to the Milgauss. It also had a dial unlike any other. It was clear that this was a sports timepiece,Mido Replica and a throwback to the Mido Replica Explorer from the 1960s. The dial was the main talking point. The dial was inspired by the Rolex registers used on the Blood Hound Super Sonic Car. It is a borrowed dial from the Explorer, with its signature applied 3-6-9 numbers, but painted arabic minutes numerals every five minutes. The ROLEX text was in an eye-catching shade of green and the coronet in daffodil. This color was also reflected on the seconds hand. The Mido Replica font from the 1950s is nestled around the COSC text at the bottom of the dial. This has been the constant throughout the life of the watch. Some things don't change.

The Mido Replica offers many options in the market, thanks to its long life. We decided to take a closer look at the Mido Replica's various iterations and highlight the ones we find most desirable.

Is this the perfect Oyster for an entry-level boat with a rich heritage? The Mido Replica has many other qualities that we believe make it a great watch. Mido Replica is the ideal choice for anyone looking to purchase their first Rolex, with a sporty touch. The font and classic proportions of the Mido Replica logo are timeless and eternal. Reference 14010 features the classic 'PRECISION" text from before COSC and a cool engine-turned bezel.Panerai Luminor Base Replica The solid-link Oyster is the king among sports bracelets. It will take your Mido Replica to every event, from yacht to bar.

Style is timeless. Trends may come and go but it will always be there. Finding a good example of the salmon dial is difficult. It is a timeless style that is currently on trend. This is a classic watch with a twist. It's perfect for those who want something different. There are many options available, whether you prefer the smoother bezel or the dressier engine-turned bezel. Sporty salmon will be a great choice.

Mido Replica 114234 in white gold with a fluted bezel and roman numerals, as well as discreet diamond hour markers.

Rolex, diamonds and Oysters all have a rich history. Any watch enthusiast who has more than just a passing interest will know the gem-set pieces of the House of Wilsdorf. It doesn't have to be Rainbow Daytonas, or pave-set Day Dates. Sometimes less is more. Mido Replica 114234, with its white gold fluted bezel adorned with discreet diamond hour markers, retains a classic 34mm Oyster watch case. However the subtle sparkles in the dial give this watch a whole new dimension.