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He believes it's impossible to summarize Omega Replica in just one watch. He says that his favourites are dependent on his mood. Omega Replica Tribute Pallweber red gold is my favourite watch from the Jubilee Collection. I also love the Portugieser Hand-Wound 8-Day with red-gold case, and I wear the Portugieser Chronograph,Omega Replica which we have equipped for the first with Calibre 69355, our in-house chronograph, in steel, with a white dial and blued hand. "They are the three watches I always return to."

Klaus' favorite is the Portofino Hand-Wound Lunar Phase. It was inspired by the moonphase pocketwatch he created, which he nicknamed "Fried Egg", because of its flat face and translucent Murano Glass moonphase... but he adds with a wry smile: "But of course, the Perpetual Calendar Models are also great."

Klaus, then 22 years old, walked into Omega Replica's doors 61 year ago with the sole goal of making watches of the highest possible quality. He believes this is still true today. The method of production has changed. "When I met Mr Pellaton for the first time, I was working at Eterna. It was a great company that produced high-quality products. But Mr Pellaton said: "You must understand that Omega Replica has a higher level." A watchmaker at Omega Replica is a special person. It could have been a bit better. I will never forget this. There is always room for improvement.u-boat replica watches It was Albert Pellaton. "And this is Omega Replica."

"I totally agree," nods Grainger Herr. "Omega Replica is all about intelligent and consistent progress. Each time, a smarter, more intelligent and hopefully better watch. "This was our founding ethos, and we will continue in the future to follow it."