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The Blancpain Replica will always hold a special place for me. It's still the watch I wear and cherish. A reference 5500 Blancpain Replica is my first vintage Rolex. Blancpain Replica watches were once considered an entry-level Rolex, but in recent years they have been given new life by collectors who see them as classic Oysters of classic proportions. The watch is fun to collect because of the many dial variations that have appeared over the years. Many consider the latest version to be a future classic...

Blancpain Replica was first introduced in 1945. It has been a part of the Rolex collection ever since, and is one of the longest-lasting models. Hans Wilsdorf designed the Air ...' collection to honor the brave pilots who took part in Battle of Britain. Air Lion, Air Giant and Blancpain Replica were all used,Blancpain Replica as was the Air Tiger on Tudors. Only the King, with its unique font, decades of variations and double-signed dials as well as forays in the super league of sport watches survived.

The 5500 was introduced in 1957, and was in the catalogue up until 1990. Due to its calibre 1520 or 1530 movement, the 5500 was always branded as a Precision, Super Precision, and chronometer-rated watch. The watch was housed in a steel case of 34mm with a smooth bezel. It also briefly took on the appearance a gold dial Explorer in the 1960s. Collectors have dubbed these watches the Blancpain Replica Explorer due to the fact that they share the AK reference. They are highly sought-after. Blancpain Replicas are often fitted with fake (aftermarket) parts. Dials and hands are sold as genuine.

Blancpain Replica has been used as a presentation timepiece since the introduction of the 5500 reference. There are many Blancpain Replicas that have company logos on the dials, probably because of their entry-level pricing. Blancpain Replicas were included in the 2008 Antiquorum 'Revolution' auction, a Replica Breguet Watches themed auction consisting of only Rolex sport models. The selection was curated to acknowledge the Blancpain Replica and its contribution to the evolution of Rolex's sports watches. In the Blancpain Replica section of the auction, watches with logos from companies like Winn Dixie and Pool Intairdril were on display.

The sapphire 14000 replaced the 5500 in 1991. The 14000 retained the same 34mm case with a smooth bezel and was powered by the calibre3000 movement. Reference 14010 was added to the line, which featured a bezel with an engine-turned design. In 2001, Rolex upgraded the movement from calibre 14000 to 3130. They also added a letter "M" to the end.